F-2301 is the consciousness entity. For each cycle, he need to live a lot of life to grow up and to be able to activate the green light. EZ, the knwoledge entity, watches over him during this time and brings him back to its true nature when he is ready and the critical point of the universe approaches. "The Call" is the way EZ internally contact F-2301 for the first time...


"The Bunker Zero" is both the headquaters of the green light and a dreaded and polymorphic warship. Its exact origin is unknown, but it integrates a whole bunch of technologies including quantum gates and distortion process. An invisible link connects F-2301 to this ship and one might think it is an extension of his mind.


The Radium-V (pronounced 5) is a very sought after resource in the universe for these numerous applications. It is very present in the mines of endless city and brings a lot of money to the city. This compound is unfortunately also diverted by the crime organization to become a very addictive drug known as "Radium-V "(pronounced "v").


"The Syndicat Of Barons" is a powerful criminal organisation whose main activity is located on Endless City. There are many factions divided into territory and activity. Barons’ only motivation is money and influence and internal conflicts are numerous. If the identity of the big boss is unknown, his absolute domination is very much in evidence among the barons.


"The White Butterflies" is the last song in the trilogy relating the nature death in this cycle. EZ will use, for the last time, this true nature power to save F-2301 from death after a severe injury during a battle with the worshiper. It is also the symbol of F-2301 and EZ's journey through the ambient chaos of the cycle war.


OG•EZ•OR is a story where brotherhood plays an important role. First of all by the bond that exists between the two brothers F-2301 and K-74, but also by the love that can exist within humanity. The Brotherhood song illustrates the dantesque motorcycle race between the two brothers on Endless City during their mission to find the Seraphin.

07 - DARK N'. EGO

DARK N. embodies the dark side of the cycle war. But there is no shadow, only an absence of light. The ego is the only barrier to access to our own green light. "The DARK N.'s ego" is what she fight during the cycle until the final battle. Will she finally see the light?


"ENDLESS CITY" is a planet city whose main source of wealth is Radium-V. ODA is the mayor of ENDLESS CITY. She is very well informed about the cycle war ongoing. She uses her huge intelligence to perform on several levels to strengthen her political influence on the city. Endless city is also the place where the seraph was last seen.


Worshipers are fanatic organisation that act for the return of "THE HOLY DRAGON". They worship ARTIFACTS as gods and extract dark energy from it to fuel their specials abilities. According to their legend, releasing enough dark energy into the black hole prison from the center of the universe will free the holy dragon.


The holy dragon is a chaotic entity which, once released, destroys everything in its path. Hidden in the depths of the material shadows, the only way for F-2301 to destroy it is to use the "SWORD OF FREYR". This mythical and luminous sword is the only one that can kill it through shadows. The legend says that an ancient people would have taken the sword towards the star of Sirius.

11 - DEATH of F-2301 (end of the cycle)

Each cycle has to finish with the activation of the green light to revive the universe.  To achieve this, the Seraphin (the life) donates the key from its own body to activate the green light. Then EZ (the spirit) and F-2301 (the consciousness) unite to release the green light. EZ survive into the new nexus zero created and F-2301 die. This is the "DEATH OF F-2301".

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