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Freak Frequenz Fest - Nantes - FRANCE - (24/05/2024)

Dawn 37 - Segré - FRANCE - (11/05/2024)

Le Salem - Bordeaux - FRANCE - (02/02/2024)

Le Rex - Toulouse - FRANCE - (01/02/2024)



OG•EZ•OR is a French Cyber/Metal band created in 2017 by F-2301 (songwriter & producer) . Strongly influenced by science fiction, the project aims to stimulate the imagination through music and images. Halfway between metal, electro and film music, F-2301 (Voice, Keytar & Synth) and two live musicians K-74 (Bass) and X-301 (Guitar) offer music illustrated by scripted video projections. His influences are numerous and the range of ambiances offered goes from industrial cyberpunk to dark synth electro, including spacey ambiances and sharp metal sequences.

OGEZ OR (formerly Entropy Zero) released their first album Mind machine: a new experience in 2019 with the send the wood label (distribution season of mist) and received very good reviews. In 2020 the single "FPS" dedicated to video games, was released in the form of a video clip shot in a cinema and accompanied by a video game "le bunker zero" which allows you to immerse yourself in their universe. In May 2022 the album Distortion Process is released as well as the music video "The green light" accompanied by an e-book and a 1 VS 1 card game going even further in the description of their universe. The group released its 3rd album "The Green Light" which closes the cycle of this space opera in 2024 and is already preparing numerous dates.


OG•EZ•OR is above all a science fiction story. Find all the story background on the e-book here:


Album - Distortion process (2022)

multimedia pack - Quantum gates (2021)

Album - Mind machine : A new experience (2019)

EP - Mind machine (2018)

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